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At Insectrum, we specialise in the sale and supply of quality insects for collectors, artists, and resellers. We understand the significance of having unique and well-preserved specimens, whether it's to enrich a collection, craft a piece of art, or for those looking to resell and broaden appreciation for these captivating creatures.

If you're in search of exclusive insects and butterflies, we invite you to explore our extensive selection.

For those wishing to translate this beauty into decorative pieces or unique accessories, our sister company, Bugbay, is dedicated to transforming the majesty of insects and butterflies into unique art pieces and accessories.

From meticulously crafted frames that capture the essence of these beings to jewellery and keyrings allowing you to carry a slice of nature with you wherever you go.

So, if you're seeking the perfect gift for that nature-loving loved one or simply want to add a refined, natural touch to your decor, don't hesitate to visit Bugbay.

Explore their wide range of products and let yourself be enchanted by the beauty and detail in each piece.

🔗 Visit Bugbay's website: www.bugbay.co.uk

At Insectrum, we believe that nature is the purest form of art, and with Bugbay, you can embrace it in ways you never imagined. We hope you find that special piece you're searching for!

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